• Icynene Achieves High levels of Air Tightness on New Build

    27th June 2012

    The Icynene Insulation System was recently used to insulate the walls and sloping roof sections of a new build timber frame dwelling on The Isle of Skye. The complicated geometry, used by Architects Rural Design, to parts of the roof, caused a lot of head scratching by the site management team on how to achieve a high level of air tightness using tapes and membranes as specified by the Architects. It was decided that this most intricate roof would be treated using Icynene spray foam insulation in addition to the timber frame walls , as it was decided all around, that membranes could not be made to work effectively in these areas.

    The Icynene rig was brought to site and in less than 8 hours all areas were treated with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation, guaranteeing an exceptional level of air tightness plus very effective insulation.

    Stroma Technology Ltd were contracted to carry out the air test, and the building achieved a result of AP50: 1.53 m3.h-1.m-2 @ 50 Pa, which the Architects were very impressed with, but what did become very apparent during the test was that the Icynene creates an air barrier far more effectively than membranes and tapes. Icynene is the most effective insulation and air barrier in one application, soon all specifiers and clients will insist on using Icynene in their buildings. Icynene give freedom of design when constructing energy efficient buildings. Work carried out by Icynene accredited contractor KDL Insulations.