• Understand the value of an Icynene Spray Foam Insulation application

    Many licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractors perform installations across the World to help business operators and homeowners noticeably reduce their heating and cooling expenses. However, people who recognize how different kinds of insulation work will be able to better understand why spray foam insulation is ideal for their properties.

    Take a look at how the following types of insulation work in comparison to spray foam insulation.

    Fiberglass Traditional fiberglass is found in many buildings, but can only be installed in areas that can be easily accessed. Without proper accessibility for installation, fiberglass can leave gaps and cracks leading to significant air leakage.

    When property owners are searching for a viable alternative to fiberglass, they should consider the value of Icynene spray foam insulation. With Icynene, licensed spray foam insulation professionals can apply the solution in tough-to-reach areas such as those found in attics and basements. Additionally, this kind of insulation is installed as a liquid and quickly bonds to surfaces by expanding up to 100 times its volume in seconds, which make it a fast-acting option that delivers long-term results.

    Cellulose The Epoch Times notes that certain varieties of cellulose insulation contain ammonium sulfate, which is toxic and can produce a pungent smell.

    Spray foam insulation is a safe, eco-friendly choice for building owners. Certified and trained spray foam insulation specialists are experienced professionals who will take the time necessary to complete successful installations. An application typically pays for itself within four years and delivers a cost-effective option that serves business operators and homeowners for the lives of their buildings.

    Why choose Icynene? Icynene is more than just a common insulation - it is a modern option that provides a number of benefits to property owners. The solution can be sprayed onto cracks and holes and delivers immediate advantages various traditional kinds of insulation cannot.

    Open-cell, light-density Icynene spray foam insulation can help enhance a property's acoustics by blocking certain kinds of airborne and flanking noise. The solution is flexible and possesses sound-absorbing properties that make it a worthwhile option for property owners in high-traffic areas.

    Icynene effectively seals a building's envelope and helps block allergens, pollutants and other materials that could impact the indoor air quality in a property. By air-sealing your home with Icynene, mold problems, moisture problems and other building damage can be reduced or mitigated.

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