Below is a small sample of satisfied customers who have had The Icynene Insulation System installed in their homes, if you require a reference or testimonial from a customer in your area do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to provide you with names and contact details

Absolutely Fantastic!

We knew we had problems with condensation, mould & damp, which seemed to be caused by our old fibreglass retaining moisture. We contacted Home Logic as we were aware they could provide us with a FREE loft and roof survey and report for the condition of our loft and roof space. They confirmed everything! They then took our old fibreglass away for us, sprayed our roof with Icynene Spray Foam, instead of laying insulation on the floor of loft space, freeing up our whole loft floor area which we haven't had since we moved in! We no longer have ANY condensation, mould & damp, all has been totally illuminated, so we are over the moon! Our Heating bills have also been reduced by around a 3rd So we are seeing such a dramatic difference, it really is incredible! Best decision we could have made! Thank you Home Logic!

Mrs Bakewell

Whinhurst Retrofit

WhinhurstThermasol/Icynene//Duncan McGregor were a joy to deal with. At every stage Duncan was completely honest with us. The team were in the house for approx a week and clad under the floors, inside the walls and in the roof. In all honesty the house felt warmer fairly instantly, it was a big house to heat previously. Around the same time we changed from oil fired central heating to an air source heat pump as well as adding solar panels. Previously our heating and electricity bills were approx £700 per month. After the work our bills reduced to £200 per month but we are sure that the bulk of this is due to the Icynene insulation. The previous owner of the house visited us and couldn't believe how warm the house was... It may be over 100 years old but it feels like a new build, but with 4m ceilings!!!

Thanks Duncan & Co

Ayr Hospital Extension

Ayr insulationAs you requested with reference to the roof insulation works Therma Sol carried out at Ayr Hospital OPD Extension we are pleased to confirm that the airtightness rating achieved was 4.659 m3/(h.m2) meeting the designers target of 5m3/(h.m2).

Ayr insulationTherma Sol were a huge help and both advised and gave any amounts of calculations and information as and when requested. They turned up and completed the work in the time scale we requested and were very professional carrying out the full operation - saving us a huge amount of time in our schedule had we used the originally specified rigid board insulation.

Our site manager Brian McGill said he wished all contractors would carry out works on the same par.

We will most definitely be using Therma Sol again and specifying Icynene spray foam at an early stage of all future projects.

Mark Conway

Glenbarr New Build

GlenbarrWe contacted Thermasol Ltd at the design stage of one of our projects. I had always wanted to try this type of product to compare against traditional applications. We received a very professional service with a very competitive quote. We arranged a slot in their program of works. They turned up when they said they would on time and carried out a very professional service. We will recommend this product and company to our clients and have already tied them up to one of our own developments in the near future.

All in all a very professional service and outfit. Highly recommended and we can see this being the future of insulation.

Stuart McDonald

North Lanarkshire Council

Coatsbridge insulationI had many years of constantly on the phone to the council with dampness problems from my roof. After my ceiling collapsing in my bedroom on more than one occasion I demanded something else had to be done!

Murray Baillie from the council brought Therma Sol to my home to do a survey and as much as I was giving reassurance I still wasn't convinced.

Anyway, Therma Sol came out to do the work and true to their word all the issues are gone.

The work was completed very quickly and efficiently and when they left there was no mess at all, very tidy and pleasant boys.

Now for the best bit, after putting up with the previous issues for longer than any human should need to! I very quickly found my health to get better. I have dealt with asthma and had problems with my chest and my Dr is convinced Icynene foam has made dramatic differences to my health.

My house is warmer, there is no smell of damp and I used less electricity in the winter months than I did on previous quarter.

Overall, I'm delighted and believe Therma Sol has made a significant difference to both my health and home.

Highly recommended and I hope my neighbours receive the same works as I've had done in the near future and they can be as comfortable as me.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Crawford

Teknek Commercial Building Glasgow

Teknek insulationThe office comfort is greatly improved, draughts have been hugely reduced even in high winds which has made the biggest single improvement in perceived comfort. The unexpected gain is in background noise levels. The background noise has dropped whether from the airport or the rain & wind. Unfortunately it’s not something we ever measured but everyone has commented on how much less “noise” there is.

The office heat loss rate has reduced, typically the overnight temperature drop is 1 deg less than before, and the office regains the desired temperature an hour faster than before. The temperature does not drop again during the day, when previously there could be a 3 to 4 degree fluctuation. Again this boosts the perception of the space being “warm and comfortable”.

Teknek insulationIn cash terms, it will be harder to quantify since we don’t meter the gas between office & production space heating. Obviously comparison year to year or month to month depend upon the external conditions. However the site’s Feb 2014’s gas consumption is 4% less than 2013, and the March use is 15% less. March used 28% less gas than February, however in 2013 it was a 17% drop in March from Feb.

So our Jan bill with no Icynene was £3108, Feb’s partly insulated was £2651 and March was £2015. Therma Sol were very professional and Duncan was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Icynene spray foam.

To see if I can give you more concrete numbers can you remind me when you completed the office walls etc in both the main office and in my office areas.


Susan McKay, Dumfries

Ceramic and Stained Glass workshop

I am very pleased with the increased warmth. Thanks again I will recommend you.’

Frank Scott, Scottish Borders Council

Roof insulation for Pilmuir Trust

First time I have used your company and system and would use again and recommend to my colleagues’.

E Cairns, Laurencekirk

Wall insulation of ‘Hard to Treat’ property

'Delighted with the work, our house is much warmer and we have turned down the heating’

Mrs G Broughty Ferry

We have been impressed with Kishorn Developments Ltd from start to finish:

  • we received detailed information both verbally and in writing at our first meeting
  • we were impressed with the science underlying Icynene (a very far cry from the foam applications of the 1980s) and its international track record, especially in Canada
  • the quotation was competitive
  • the waiting time was 4-6wks and emails were dealt with promptly;
  • the insulation team were pleasant, honest, hardworking and skilled
  • the actual installation caused minimal disruption

We have already noticed the difference to the house - fewer draughts and less transmitted road noise. And what’s more, the attic is now a usable storage space
Icynene Contractor Kishorn Developments, Kishorn & Inverness

Laura Fiddes, Property Services Manager, Grampian Housing Association, Aberdeen.


Grampian Housing Association commissioned a pilot to be carried out in the use of Icynene to 'hard to treat' properties within their stock. The product was used in two separate applications, within the walls behind the plasterboard and within the roof space on the pitch. Although the pilot monitoring is on going, the feedback from the tenants who received the installations is very positive and could see the benefits immediately.

Kishorn Developments Ltd, the contractor who installed the product were very efficient, communicated well with the Association and kept within budget and program. The service provided was flawless. On the outcome of the pilot, the association would welcome working with Kishorn Developments Ltd in providing the same service and product installation in the future.
Icynene Contractor Kishorn Developments, Kishorn, Inverness & Isle of Skye

Isle of Muck Community Hall

KDL built the Isle of Muck Community Hall between February and December 2011. The hall is a purpose built facility on the Isle of Muck in which the community can host events and play sport. The building consists of a large main hall, open plan kitchen and a meeting room upstairs. The building is insulated with Icynene insulation. This was ideal for our remote location as it all arrived on one small trailer cutting freight costs to a minimum. It was very quick to apply and with very little waste. The building has no heating but has several large windows which let in a lot of light. The heat retention in the building is amazing and while playing sport the doors have to be left open as it becomes too hot. Even in winter, the building is at a comfortable temperature without any other form of heating. I would highly recommend this form of insulation.

We are so delighted with way the insulation performs that we are now putting it in our own new house.

Mary Macewen
Hall Comittee

Icynene Contractor Kishorn Developments, Kishorn, Inverness & Isle of Skye

Justin & Kylie

I would like to take a few moments to thank you and your team for the installation of the Icynene insulation in our home.

From start to finish it has been a good experience. The initial meeting with yourself was very informative and helped us greatly in having confidence we were doing the right thing. The quote was accurate and final bill was on budget, which was great.

The installation team turned up on time and were obviously well versed in the job they were doing, they took care of our home and carried out the installation quickly and left the house and yard tidy when they left.

The improvement in the thermal qualities of our home was instant. The joiners putting all the new plasterboard up are working in tee shirts.....where they were in thermals stripping it out!!

We have noticed on the first frosty nights since the Icynene was sprayed that we are burning around half the wood that we were and that the house is still warm in the morning when we get up.

In short we are very impressed. I have passed on your details to a local architect and also, our joiners are interested in the product and all seem well impressed.


Icynene Contractor Kishorn Developments, Kishorn & Inverness

A Testimonial

I would like to say a big thank you to KDL for completing the insulation in my house. I was immediately aware the chill had gone from the house and I am looking forward to really feeling the benefit come the winter. John and Brian worked away and completed the job in the time they said. They did their best to minimise the mess and cleared up as much as possible when they finished.
Icynene Contractor, Kishorn Developments Limited